The Dansville Dance Academy is dedicated to providing a safe and structured environment for all students to learn about and appreciate the art of dance.  Classes are aimed at teaching students proper technique, terminology, and expression.  Students are expected to be active participants by following directions, answering and asking questions, taking notes, and using their creative abilities and imagination.  

Along with developing and encouraging a strong respect for and love of dance, the DDA strives to equip students with skills such as listening and teamwork that will continue to benefit them throughout their life.  Each year students not only progress as dancers but build confidence and have the joy and satisfaction of accomplishment.

DDA Special Events:
Wear an Old Costume to Class Week
Leg Warmers Week
Wear a DDA T-Shirt to Class Week
Funky Tights Week
Bring a Friend to Class Week
Hip Hop Week
Parent Observation Week

Step Up Week

Revisit & Review Classes
Annual Choreography Contest
Class of the Month
Student of the Month
Student of the Year 
Dogwood Performance

Civic Club Performance
Annual Recital
Free HD Digital Recital Video
Free Recital T-Shirts

​Free Shoes

No registration fee

No recital fee

No costume fee