A dress code creates an added sense of discipline in the classroom and equality/teamwork among students.  It allows the teacher to offer the technical corrections needed to build strong dancers by being able to observe body alignment and the movement of the joints. 

Students who do not meet the dress code requirements may be asked not to participate in class.

Dance Wear: Students must wear a leotard and tights or other acceptable dance wear.  Leg warmers, shrugs, and other dance warm up apparel is allowed.  No baggy T-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans or sweat pants allowed.

Hair:  Students must have hair pulled back with bangs out of the eyes.

Jewelry:  No jewelry is allowed except stud earrings and watches.

Male Students: Black pants or shorts with a plain T-shirt.

Tap Shoes:   Slip on shoes without shoelaces are required.  For students under 7 years of age, this may be buckle, velcro strap or slip on tap shoes.  For students 7 and up, slip on shoes without shoelaces are required (no buckle or straps).  Black is the required color. 

Ballet, Lyrical and Jazz Shoes:  Slip on shoes without shoelaces or bows are required. Color may depend on the costume selection. 

Hip Hop:
 Clean sneakers required.  You can come to class dressed in hats, pants, sweats, etc.  Just keep it safe and modest!